Bhutan Download Pages

You can read the Jesus Messiah (JM-) picturebook in these languages:

  1. Dzongkha (Roman script) comic book 
  2. Dzongkha (Uchen script) comic book 
  3. Lepcha (Devanagari) comic book / Lepcha devanagari film-clips
  4. Lepcha (Roman) comic book / Lepcha roman film-clips
  5. Limbu comic book 
  6. Santali comic book / Santali film-clips
  7. Tamang comic book 
  8. Tibet comic book 
  9. Tshangla / T-Sangla comic book 
  10. Takpa / Drukpa / Dakpha / Brupha comic book 

You can watch a number of film-clips based on these languages:  watch


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