For teaching, lessons books, crafts, films, apps and other helps were prepared based on the Jesus Messiah comic. However there are only a limited number of languages that have these extra materials available.

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Based on the drawings of the Jesus Messiah book  and the gospel stories these books were created:

1. Bible Sunday school lessons based on "Jesus Messiah",

- with 34 lessons: (DutchFrench, English and Indonesian)

- with 20 lessons combined with additional film-clips: "My best friend": (Dutch, Indonesian) (English edition is not translated yet)

2. Gospel of Mark: the gospel of Mark texts were illustrated in a comic form with 363 bible pictures:  3 languages available: English (WEB) , Indonesian (AMD) (AYT) and Malay (AVB).  This comic book is called "the Lion of Judah"

Other digital derivates were created from the graphics of the Jesus Messiah book: 

3. Bloom books   (you need to read them with the Bloom reader app)

If you like to translate the "Jesus Messiah" Bloom books    into your own language:  click here: information of Bloom (free software).

4. Movie Film-Clips : The 19 stories were created with the graphics slides, combined with audio of the narrator and background sounds/music.

- Per language a 1 hour movie is on JMPBK YouTube channel. (it is a "slideshow" comic style with background music and story telling)

- Per language 1 page contains all the 1-3 minute film-clips. By downloading they can be shared by social media like WhatsApp.

The film-clips are available in a growing number of languages:

For example English Arab , Dutch Russian , Nepali Bahasa Indonesian  and 20+  Indian  and Azerbaijan  languages. 

5.  Jesus Messiah: Gospel of Mark Picture Set  : With this Picture set and script file you can automatically insert and illustrate your Gospel of Mark app when using the SAB software. (363 gospel pictures). Watch an example of the gospel of Mark (KJV) with audio.

4. Standalone Jesus Messiah Android apps (for jungle situations with no internet), Android apps were only created for 30+ languages for remote areas: view example "online": English app


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