The movie film-clips based on the Jesus Messiah picture book can be found on this jmpbk8375 YouTube channel.

The movie film-clips were distributed by Facebook , YouTube, Whatsapp or local websites:

The following languages film-clips are available on these social media:

  1. English  page / Facebook / YouTube
  2. Arab   page / YouTube
  3. Azerbaijan  languages page / YouTube
  4. Bangladesh  languages page / YouTube
  5. Bahasa Indonesian   page / SABDA / Facebook Youtube
  6. Dutch   page / YouTube
  7. French  page / YouTube
  8. Indian  languages page / YouTube
  9. Nepal  languages page / Facebook / YouTube
  10. Russian   page / YouTube
  11. Tamil   page YouTube

Download pages for all Language for film-clips (per Country/Alphabetical) (this website )





  1. Bengali film-clips (India)
  2. Bhojpuri film-clips (India)
  3. Bodo film-clips (India)
  4. English-Indian film-clips (India)
  5. Garo film-clips (India)
  6. Hindi film-clips (India)
  7. Kurukh film-clips (India)
  8. Lepcha Dev script film-clips (India)
  9. Lepcha Roman script film-clips (India)
  10. Mahali film-clips (India)
  11. Malto film-clips (India)
  12. Mundari Bengali film-clips (India)
  13. Nepali film-clips (Nepal)
  14. Rajbongshi film-clips (India)
  15. Rava film-clips (India)
  16. Sadri film-clips (India)
  17. Santhali film-clips (India)
  18. Sherpa film-clips (India)
  19. Surjapuri film-clips (India)
  20. Toto film-clips (India)


The Netherlands

Sri Lanka

Work in Progress:  clips 


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