Film-Clips based on the Jesus Messiah picture book

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The movie film-clips based on the Jesus Messiah picture book can be found on this jmpbk8375 YouTube channel.

The movie film-clips were distributed by Facebook , YouTube, Whatsapp or local websites:

The following languages film-clips are available on these social media:

  1. English (Facebook)(YouTube)
  2. Arab (YouTube)
  3. Azerbaijan languages (YouTube)
  4. Bangladesh languages (YouTube)
  5. Bahasa Indonesian (SABDA) (Facebook)(Youtube)
  6. Dutch (YouTube)
  7. French (YouTube)
  8. Indian languages (YouTube)
  9. Nepal languages: Nepali (Facebook) (YouTube)
  10. Russian (YouTube)
  11. Tamil (YouTube)

All Language Download Pages for film-clips (Alphabetical) (this website)

  1. English film-clips
  2. Arab film-clips
  3. Bahasa Indonesia film-clips (Indonesia)
  4. Bengali film-clips (India)
  5. Bhojpuri film-clips (India)
  6. Bodo film-clips (India)
  7. Dutch film-clips (The Netherlands)
  8. English-Indian film-clips (India)
  9. Fon film (Benin)
  10. French film-clips (Burkina Faso)
  11. Garo film-clips (India)
  12. Hindi film-clips (India)
  13. Ingloy/Ingiloi film-clips (Azerbaijan)
  14. Kurukh film-clips (India)
  15. Lepcha Dev script film-clips (India)
  16. Lepcha Roman script film-clips (India)
  17. Lezgi film-clips (Azerbaijan)
  18. Mahali film-clips (India)
  19. Malto film-clips (India)
  20. Mundari Bengali film-clips (India)
  21. Nepali film-clips (Nepal)
  22. Rajbongshi film-clips (India)
  23. Rava film-clips (India)
  24. Russian film-clips (Russia)
  25. Sadri film-clips (India)
  26. Santhali film-clips (India)
  27. Sherpa film-clips (India)
  28. Surjapuri film-clips (India)
  29. Tamil film-clips (Sri Lanka)
  30. Toto film-clips (India)
  31. Zeeuws film-clips (The Netherlands)